Frequently Asked Questions about Lie Detector Tests in California.

What Is A Polygraph Test

How accurate are they?

A Polygraph Examination, often called a Lie Detector Test, measures specific physiological changes. Indicating with a high level of accuracy when either Truth or Deception is present.

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Jim Camacho
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What happens during a Lie Detector test?

The polygraph test takes a minimum of 30 minutes for standard testing. More complex examinations start at 1 1/2 hours, but can take up to four hours depending on the issue being tested for. The test comprises of the following: The first section being the pre-test interview where a statement of consent to conduct the test is obtained. There is a explanation of the equipment being used, background data is gathered from the examinee. During this part of the test the examiner will fully discuss the questions being asked and will familiarise the examinee with the testing procedure. The second section is the data collection phase which includes attaching the components to the examinee, which includes upper body movement sensors attached to the chest.

A standard blood pressure cuff is attached to the upper arm and is inflated, to record reading of the examinees heart rate and pulse rate. Electrodermal activity finger cuffs are attached to two fingers to measure skin conductance (sweat gland activity). The examinee sits on a movement sensor mat. Once complete the examiner will analyse the results and provide an opinion as to the truthfulness of the person taking the test depending on the test type. You will get the results the same day verbally via a phone call, followed up by a written report emailed or posted.

Lie Detector Tests Are Proven To Be Highly Accurate

How Reliable Is a Polygraph Test?

The polygraph is highly reliable, providing the examiner is properly trained and using the latest validated techniques and computerised equipment. The American Polygraph Association (APA) has gathered over 200 studies on the subject. Based on twelve separate studies involving 2174 actual cases since 1980, evidence suggests that qualified polygraph examiners are 98% accurate in their overall decisions. The use of the polygraph has evolved over the last ten years, techniques are now backed by science and accuracy with the latest computerised equipment.

"I used a Lie Detectors service to solve a personal dispute. I received my results the same day and a clear explanation of the process. This has enabled me to move on in a relationship and prove something that I would never have been able to prove."
John M.
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Choosing Your Targeted Lie Detector Questions

What questions can be asked?

We work with the client to formulate questions that cover the test issue meeting the rules for the latest techniques. We will advise on what questions are recommended for the issue we are testing for. Typically there are 4 targeted deception questions.

"I was accused of doing something I didn’t do and did my research on polygraph, this led me to hire a polygraph examiner who came to my house where I felt at ease to be tested. It was the best money I have spent, sounds crazy but I feel liberated by the result."
Sal L.
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Our Controlled Office Environment Or Travel To You

Where can tests be conducted?

We cover many cities in the Orange County area, whilst we use offices in Santa Ana we can arrange to use offices throughout California or even travel to other States. If you prefer we can do home visits, however a distraction free environment with a table and two chairs is required. At extra cost tests can be completed anywhere in the United States.  Arrangements can be made for a professional office location close to your or your business, as needed.

"I recently called in a Polygraph Examiner as money had been going missing from my business. They explained my rights as an employer and explained the route they would take, which included making sure everyone would submit to a test. It was said I may not need their services! Well I did and was impressed at the professionalism."
James M.
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Polygraph Examiners Should Use Modern Computerized Equipment

How do you choose an examiner?

An examiner should be professionally trained and have graduated from a polygraph school accredited by the American Polygraph Association and be a member of an approved association such as the American Polygraph Association or the National Polygraph Association. They should use the latest computerised equipment and the latest validated techniques as much has changed in the profession in the last ten years. Ensure that your examiner fulfills each of these requirements and ask if the examiner has completed the 2 year updated training as required by the APA.

"Due to trust issues in our relationship we decided to take a couples lie detector test. For us the results were worth every penny and have allowed us to move on stronger, great service thanks."
Heather G.
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Can People Cheat Lie Detector Tests?

Can you beat a Polygraph test?

Using modern equipment and the latest techniques its highly improbable. The polygraph records changes in a person’s autonomic reactivity whilst they answer questions. If an examinee attempts to distort the polygraph tracings, it becomes evident to a trained examiner during the test. Its easy for a qualified examiner to spot when a examinee is attempting to alter the outcome of a test, this can result in the test being abandoned. Its expected most examinees will have spent some time researching the lie detector test on the Internet prior to the test and may attempt to use methods they have read about.

"We provide child care services and would never hire someone without a lie detector test."
Myrna N.
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Only Liars

Does Being Nervous Matter?

Being nervous before a polygraph exam is normal and not at all unusual. Being nervous wont cause a person to fail a polygraph test, telling lies will. It is quite normal for an innocent person to feel nervous and the examiner is very aware of this. Nervous reactions which are recorded on the polygraphic charts are not interpreted by the examiner as a manifestation of deception. Nervous reactions are completely different from those reactions that are recorded when a person is deliberately lying.

"After a spate of thefts at work we decided to get the staff polygraph tested and on the Polygraph Examiner's advice had the staff volunteer. The results didn’t surprise us and following a resignation we have a much happier workplace. For us it wasn’t about the money but more about trust being a small family business."
Bradley C.
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*Quotes are from general customer experiences around the world, from people who found benefit in hiring a Polygraph examiner. They are not necessarily testimonials for GoPolygraph.

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