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Polygraph Examinations

A lie detector, also known as polygraph instrument, is a device used to establish, based on scientific criteria, whether a person is telling the truth or lying.


Pre employment

Would you risk your business by employing someone who may be untrustworthy? Our testing consists of a comprehensive pre-employment interview into education, work history, gambling, indebtedness, criminality, honesty and illegal drug use. Now standard for many US Government employees


Domestic Disputes

We specialise in resolving partnership trust issues. If your need to prove your innocence, or uncover deception then taking a lie detector test will provide you with the information you need to move forward. The tests are treated with strict confidentiality and discretion.


False or malicious allegations

You may have been accused of doing something that you are unable to prove you did not do. A polygraph examination will answer whether or not the allegation or issue is true or not. A lie detector test can be used to prove you claim of innocence.


Employee Theft / Fraud

An issue of theft or deception made against you or If you believe that an employee has been deceptive. Then taking a polygraph test will provide you with that additional information to make an appropriate and logical decision based on all the evidence.


Bribery Allegations

Bribery is the act of giving, offering or soliciting something of value for influence over another's decision or action in breach of the law. Kickback schemes are the 4th most common type of fraud above $1 million.


Expert Witness

When providing Lie Detection Examinations for legal investigations, our staff can maintain records of the interview(s), and provide Expert Witness testimony in a court of law. Our examiners are available to meet your expert witness needs for any situation.



Our company holds licenses for investigative work, and security. We also work with a number of Private Investigators assisting in their investigations. Using the polygraph in a number of different ways to get the results their clients deserve. Get in touch for more information.


Sporting & Tournament Federations

Here the lie detector test has proved its worth time and time again, from the natural body building scene to fishing competitions as well as others areas. The potential use of the lie detector is seen as a good deterrent to potentially stop any competitor from cheating.


Ex Convicts & Sex Offenders

This is a very unique area of testing, requiring additional examiner training, including; lie detector testing sex offenders on probation.


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Suspect your partner of cheating on you? Perhaps your relationship is suffering as trust between you both has broken down? Maybe abuse, addiction issues or other family accusations are being made. Confidential lie detector tests have proven to resolve such disputes, putting couples on the path to resolving their issues, and healing.

Couples Lie Detector Testing

Many relationships may seem problematic, but in reality are far from broken. People generally have a range of traumas and trust issues, which can negatively affect relationships if left unaddressed.

Feedback from couples shows that for loving couples with trust issues, a couples lie detector test actually can improve relationships, putting distrust behind them.

Business & Legal

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Theft or Fraud

When theft or fraud is identified, be it in a private or business situation, all trust breaks down until the perpetrator is identified and dealt with appropriately.

Oftentimes businesses will hire a professional Polygraph tester to interview employees, sending a message that theft is not acceptable.

Employee Screening

Anyone who has managed a company knows that your employees can make or break your business. Dishonest staff can run a company into the ground, ruining many people’s livelihood in the process.

Many businesses today operate in ‘sensitive’ areas, such as those related to cyber security, and government agencies. In these types of cases more stringent pre-screening may be required.


Go Polygraph provides expert assistance in investigations of any nature. Our highly trained examiners perform accurate polygraph tests on the accused and provide proven results.

When providing Lie Detection Examinations for legal investigations, our staff can maintain records of the interview(s), and provide Expert Witness testimony in a court of law.

Child Care &

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You can never be too safe with your child’s safety. How much is that worth to you? For a facility or for your personal home. There is no such thing as being too careful when choosing a carer for your children.

This is why we are noticing an increase in Lie Detection Polygraph testing for child care, nannies, baby sitters, house sitters, house keepers, and other private employees.

News & Media

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Our examiners are available for news, media, television, and online social media appearances. When you are seeking a presentable female or male Polygraph Examiner in California the choice is clear.

Lie Detector Test Process



We work closely with you to formulate appropriate questions specific to the truth you need to find. Whether in the pre-employment screening process, theft, fraud or anything else that is bothering you.

Normally up to 8 questions are asked with 2-3 of them relevant to the matter you are concerned about. The other questions proposed are for profiling purposes, related to behaviour and metrics. You may want to know if your data has been passed to a competitor, or what the subject knows about theft of equipment or assets. Questions must always be related to factual matters rather than opinion. The test may take up to 2 hours depending on how complex the issue is which includes the pre-test interview.


Pre-Test Interview

First a statement of consent to conduct the test is obtained. Then the pre-test interview will commence with the discussion of a number of questions, including those that you have predetermined with us.

The purpose of the pre-test interview is to ensure the subject is relaxed and understands completely what the test is about. The predetermined questions and the way they are worded are suggested by the examiner since they need to be defined and close ended.

The most accurate results from the polygraph come with perfectly worded and contextualised questions are asked.



The polygraph test takes a minimum of 30 minutes, but can take anywhere up to four hours depending on the issue being tested for.

Following the pre-test interview, a data collection phase commences which includes attaching the components to the examinee, which includes upper body movement sensors attached to the chest. A standard blood pressure cuff is attached to the upper arm and is inflated, to record reading of the examinees heart rate and pulse rate. Electrodermal activity finger cuffs are attached to two fingers to measure skin conductance (sweat gland activity). The examinee may also sit on a movement sensor mat.

Once complete the examiner will analyse the results and provide an opinion as to the truthfulness of the person taking the test depending on the test type. You will get the results the same day verbally via a phone call, followed up by a written report emailed or posted.


Results & Reports

If the issue has been a simple one, and the result is considered conclusive at the end of the test, our examiner will immediately apprise the client verbally if required. To be precise our client is the individual who booked the test. Unless otherwise advised in writing that we may share the results of the test with a 3rd party we will never do so.

Detailed analysis of the resulting transcripts, video and charts will be undertaken by the examiner who performed the polygraph test. It will then be verified by another equally qualified and accredited examiner before the report is sent to the client, usually within 48 hours.

There are a many benefits for companies to introduce Business Polygraph Testing into the recruitment or loss prevention strategy. You can rely on us to advise you how to implement it effortlessly without distressing your staff.

Lie Detector Tests In Orange County
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“In business your customers are your 1st priority. For over 20 years I have helped individuals and businesses alike navigate many challenges, from Investigative Services, Deception Detection, Bail Bonds, and Security Services.”

“In business your customers are your 1st priority. For over 20 years I have helped individuals and businesses alike navigate many challenges, from Investigative Services, Deception Detection, Bail Bonds, and Security Services.”

Jim Camacho

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