How to detect deceit in a relationship

Couples often seek out the services of a Polygraph Examiner to carry out a lie detector test on either one, or both parties. We have found that many relationships are actually saved. When the distrust in a relationship is dissipating healing can take place, and the couple may find they are able to have a more open and trusting relationship.

You may think that when people seek out a lie detector test for their spouse, or to prove their own innocence, that the relationship may be over. While that is unfortunately sometimes the case, we have found that many times there are trust issues due to past trauma in people’s lives, and when those thoughts are mitigated the couples enjoy a deeper connection in their relationship.

Are you the accuser or the accused?

Couples Lie Detecting

If you are being accused of cheating or another breach of trust in your relationship, this can lead to undue anxiety and depression. Our customers have told us that they experienced a huge weight lifted off them once they had proved their innocence via a Polygraph test.

Of course it should be stated that sometimes people lose attraction or simply drift apart, and when they are unclear on how to have open and honest dialogue, one partner in a relationship may start projecting accusations onto their significant other. Those relationships may not always mend, but removing the abuse of those accusations has shown to free people up from staying in toxic or otherwise unhealthy relationships.

Distrust From Trauma

A friend once said to me that if you are alive, you have experienced trauma. Some traumas from childhood due to unhealthy family dynamics can lead people to have trust issues in later life. In these cases couples may truly love each other, but be insecure on some level due to those past experiences. Polygraph testing has proven to help couples heal their trust issues, by removing the thoughts of anxiety that their partner may be lying to then, or just not as committed in the relationship as they are.

If you feel that a Lie Detector test may help with your relationship, then remember we provide Polygraph Lie Detector testing in Orange County, Riverside, and surrounding areas, with a free phone consultation to answer any questions you may have about the process.

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