Why Do Businesses Use Polygraph Testing?

Small family run businesses and large corporations have discovered the benefits of hiring a Polygraph Examiner. In this article we shall discuss several situations in which such Lie Detector testing has proven beneficial.

Feedback from small business owners and employees has shown us that in situations of business distrust, theft, or fraud that it is not always about the money and business impact, but rather about the work environment. It only takes one dishonest person to create a toxic work environment for everyone. Leading to reduced productivity, low morale, employee churn, or just an uncomfortable workplace.

When theft or fraud occurs, feelings and thoughts of distrust follow, like a dark cloud over the business. In some cases an individual may be accused that is actually innocent.

The Innocent Employee

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Yes, Polygraph examiners often provide lie detector tests for an accused employee seeking to clear his or her name. It is extremely rewarding to see someone prove their own innocence. The level of relief that they experience is truly amazing. In such situations the Polygraph examiner provides documentation, and details about the interview to the employer.

In some cases it may be a family member involved in the business, a business partner, or outsourced staff member rather than a full time employee. In any one of these the result is the same; clearing someone’s name, and lifting of the psychological stress for all parties involved.

The Small Business Owner

When having a team meeting to discuss the fraud or theft, and giving the staff the opportunity of owning up provides no answers, Polygraph testing your staff may be the only solution to restore a healthy work environment. Ideally, encourage all staff to voluntarily participate.

Perhaps the perpetrator has fallen on hard times, or is suffering from drug or alcohol abuse. Discovering this could lead to the right kind of help. In other situations it is just necessary to identify and remove a highly dishonest individual from the business.

Medium To Large Corporations

Our modern world revolves around proprietary technology and trade secrets. In specialized areas Polygraph tests are used to pre-screen employee candidates. Similarly, in certain government agencies, and police departments this is already and established practice.

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